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Task Force considers education programs community vitality, community needs

The Facility Task Force organized by the Springfield School District met for the fourth time the evening of February 6, to share ideas regarding the school’s physical plant.  The Task Force is being asked to examine data and information and help guide the school board in decision making regarding some major projects. 

Last week, the Task Force was given the key question: If the School District was able to address educational programming needs, what would you like to see that include?  What would be the best means of addressing these needs? Relative to:

• Career Technical Education experiences and programming — industrial technology, auto, carpentry, exploratory 

• Cafeteria size and environment  

• Choir room updates 

• Weight room and fitness that currently is limited in space, functionality, location and community access, and locker rooms

• Gym space and program demands. Currently, the gymnasium is limited in space and volume for multipurpose school programming, and limited access before and after-school community use

• Flex space that could provide opportunities to better serve personalized student learning

The Task Force was also asked to suggest educational programming opportunities or concerns that hadn’t been mentioned.

During previous meetings, the school’s mechanical plant (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) and school security and safety were noted as foremost important. While considering improvements for those concerns, “Are there modern needs we should take a look at the same time?” Supt. Keith Kottke, asked the group. “What amenities are important for families? We want to ensure that the school facility and programming are attractive to young families; and that it serves active senior users, too.”   The school is a vital community asset that can be used by the community as well as students, he reiterated.

During the two-hour session, members of the Task Force split into groups for brainstorming and discussion, and then returned for a large group discussion to share their ideas with ISG (Informational Services Group) project manager Rod Schumacher and Superintendent of Schools Keith Kottke.

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