A veterans salute

While things looked different this past Veteran’s Day, one thing that hadn’t changed was Springfield’s American Legion John Watson Post #257 salute to veterans. 

The Springfield Legion Honor Guard performed several gun salutes in town. They began at St Raphael Catholic School, then at Springfield’s Public School and finally at St John’s Circle of Care. While both students and residents where inside the buildings the Legion performed their traditional gun salute with Taps played by Nick Dauer. 

Pictured clockwise from top row L are Ken Koll, Tom Gartner, Chuck Roiger, Dale Potter; John Ryan, Dan Skarp, Russell Rogotzke, Butch Krebs, Terry Klinepeter,  Wayne Rice, Dan Meisen, Dirk Nibbe; Nick Dauer, Doug Wenisch; bottom row: Dan Skarp, Russell Rogotzke, Butch Krebs, Terry Klinepeter,  Wayne Rice, Dan Meisen, and Dirk Nibbe.

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