Tyler Marz offensive lineman for University of Wisconsin Badgers

Waiting for a call!

“I hope to get drafted,” said University of Wisconsin Badgers’ offensive lineman Tyler Marz, who spent several days in his hometown Springfield last week.

“What I got to experience in Wisconsin was a great opportunity — an unbelievable experience,” said Marz, who participated in two Rose Bowl football games, and two Big 10 Championships. “I played big time games. It was a good program in Wisconsin,” he added. “I’m very appreciative of being offered a scholarship.”

A 2011 graduate of Springfield High School, Marz is winding up his fifth year as a student at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, where he earned his undergraduate degree in communications.  He currently is finishing work on his master’s degree on Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis; and continues to workout to keep in good physical condition as he awaits the upcoming National Football League draft next month.

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