First graders used "Glow Gel" to see the germs left behind.
  Hand washing: a simple, effective way to prevent diseases   Hand washing is, basically, the simplest and most effective way to stay healthy during the influenza season, says Ashley Schmitt, Nurse Practitioner at Mayo Clinic Health System in Springfield. Speaking to students in kindergarten,...
Betsy Saffert's Pink Swan Creations, located at 41132 180th Street, is a multifaceted business making soaps and lotions from goats' milk as well as unique, one-of-a-kind repurposed items from discards, and now offers some new items. 
Stacey Watje celebrated the grand opening of her LeBon Boutiques, 6 East Central Street, on Nov. 12
Marlene and Jack Hartjes opened the Only House Downtown in Tauer's Square on November 12. 


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