Gary Lee Schwartz

Gary Lee Schwartz

Gary Lee Schwartz, born June 19th, 1951, lived an amazing and full life. He is survived by his wife, Anne Schwartz, who is his beloved partner of over 50 years, 47 of them spent as husband and wife. He fathered two sons, and he made it his life’s work to be a Dad to them, then also to their wives, and eventually Granddad to their combined six children (Matthew and Karrie, Jayden, Henry, Isadore), (Christopher and Renee, Nathan, Evan, Jeffrey). Grandpa was forever checking in on all of these kids to see how they were doing, and he never let an opportunity to help pass him by. Gary, the oldest of the Schwartz clan, left an indelible mark on the surviving members of his immediate family; mother Elsie, brothers and sisters Julie (Dave), Kevin (Jo), Laurie (Clete), Lisa (Dana), Lynn (Tim), and Daniel (Marit).

​Gary was full of life and had an unquenched joy for living, along with a remarkable sense of humor. He was a man who liked to be in motion, and it was easy to be amazed by the sheer number of things he had moving at all times. His first priority was always his family; he was a generous helper and a fantastic teacher. Gary always filled the vehicle with fuel for his wife and then jumped in the car to drive with her wherever they wanted to go. They did these things together, as partners. Gary made sure the grandkids knew how to do the basic things, like reading and writing, as well as the practical things, like changing oil in the car, and pounding a nail straight. He loved to teach his grandkids math through playing cribbage, because that’s how he learned. Gary taught us that hard work can’t solve all problems, just most of them. He never missed a soccer game, a band concert, a swimming lesson, a track meet, or anything else the kids were doing if he could help it. Gary handmade ice cream for family events, because that’s the way he did it when he was a kid, and it tastes better that way. He wanted those he loved to experience the things he loved in life with him.

Gary absolutely loved to sample everything in life, especially new foods. He also loved to nap, and was proud that he could fall asleep anywhere (in the recliner, on the floor, at the bottom of the boat, on top of a bag of construction debris), anytime, for just two minutes if that was all the time available. Gary loved to spend time outside, under the open sky, farming/gardening, fishing, and most of all hunting. He loved to go hunting with his boys, his grandkids, and his friends; it was the experiences with people that he loved best.

​Gary left us on December 12, 2021 doing one of those things he treasured most, hunting for pheasants with friends. He was just 70 years old, taken from us far too soon. As we mend our hearts from this sudden loss, Gary would have wanted us to dwell on the good times and celebrate the memories he created with us…and so we will. We love him, we miss him incredibly, and we hope he thinks we’re doing ok without him.

​Gary’s family would like to have any gifts or remembrances donated to a charity, anonymously.

​Memorial visitation: 4:00 - 7:00 p.m. Friday, December 17 at Mueller-Bies Funeral Home-Lino Lakes, 7050 Lake Dr. (County Hwy 23).

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