Sharon Ferdinandt

Ferdinandt retires from local ECFE program staff


Sharon Ferdinandt is retiring after 20+ years on the ECFE staff at Springfield Public Schools.  Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE) is based on the idea that parents provide their child’s first and most significant learning environment for their healthy growth and development.  

Springfield Public Schools has a very strong ECFE program that helps parents with child development and their parenting skills.  ECFE offers programs, events and classes for parents and children, ages birth to kindergarten—bowling events, gym events, carnivals, grandparents events, craft events, kindergarten readiness, early childhood screening, etc.

Sharon has been a part of all these events and experiences through the years.  Her enthusiasm and dedication has helped motivate the staff, parents and children to make all the sessions fun and exciting.  “I enjoyed all the little kids.  They are so shy the first time they attend but warm up quickly and enjoy the events,” she said. 

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