Springfield MugWumps — from left: Brownyn Sorenenson, Mogen Winklemann, Keagan Streich, Jack Scheitel, Diederick Sorenson and Kiera Lafferty.

First Lego team goes ‘Into Orbit’

Springfield Public School’s First Lego League theme this year is “Into Orbit.”  

Their challenge is to identify how long duration spaceflight affects the physical, social, or mental health of astronauts. They have identified mental health of the astronauts as the problem to address.  Their solution uses virtual reality to help combat the effects of the long duration spaceflight and isolation. 

As an example of an astronaut’s home and family they used Matterport, with help from Derek Tonn, to scan a home with  team members, Jack Scheitel, Mogen Winklemann, Keira Lafferty, Keagan Streich, Diederick Sorenson, and Bronwyn Sorenson. “We theorize that astronauts develop homesickness because they are away from their homes, family and friends for so long,” said the team.  “To help with the homesickness, the astronauts could use VR to see their homes and families. We were able to add audio file links within our 3D virtual tour because hearing a loved one’s voice is relaxing.” 

Come join the Springfield MugWumps to learn about their project at the Springfield Public Library  today (Wednesday, Dec. 5) from 3:45 to 5 p.m.

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