Heart of the Tiger 1st Quarter Awards

“These kids show outstanding leadership in our school and are tremendous examples of The Tiger Way by being respectful, responsible, and safe,” stated Springfield’s Elementary Principal Jeff Kuehn. “Thanks to all the parents and broader community partners that are raising such great kids!”

These students were nominated by their homeroom teachers and were honored this past Friday at a brief assembly.  Each student received a certificate, a t-shirt, a picture on the elementary walk of fame, and their picture in the paper.  

“They are leading by example and their efforts help to set a tone that others can follow.  Their efforts exemplify and perpetuate a culture of hard work, kindness, and achievement in our school and we’re thankful for all the ways that they share their gifts,” said Kuehn. 

Congratulations Gabriella Trevino, Emma Smith, Ava Imker, Adriana Krenz, Addyson Zimmer, Ava Zimmer, Adrian Zamaniego, Aiden Vogel, Reagan Plaster, Vicente Medelez, Tenley Smith, Wyatt Rayl, Giselle Cavazos, Tianna Romero, and Jenna Shaw. 

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