Fifth grade teacher Troy Hoyt recently retired after 34 years teaching at Springfield Elementary School.

Hoyt begins and ends at Springfield Elementary

It’s an wonderful thing when a teacher spends their entire career with one school district. It shows thier belief in the district and in the community. 

Mr. Troy Hoyt has spent his entire teaching career in Springfield.  He is originally from a farming community similar to Springfield. He grew up in Glenville, MN. He went to Austin Community College before heading to the University of Minnesota, Morris where he graduated with his teaching degree. 

“My wife and I are both teachers and we both graduated from Morris,” said Hoyt. 

Once they graduated they received a list of schools that were hiring. They both sent out resumes and schools contacted them for interviews. Springfield scheduled their interview with Hoyt first. 

“They hired me that day,” said Hoyt adding that they then hired his wife, Darcy, that year as well. 

“They had a philosophy to keep couples together, when they do that they stay together. It worked for us,” said Hoyt with a smile. 

The newly hired couple moved to Springfield shortly after. 

“The town felt like home right away, it’s a good fit for us,” said Hoyt. 

Hoyt began at Springfield Elementary School teaching the fourth grade. He later moved to teaching the fifth grade. 

For Hoyt, teaching always felt like it was something he should do. 

“It always seemed right working with kids. I was following my dream.” 

He’s always enjoyed the grade levels he’s taught. He explained it saying, “It’s their enthusiasm and watching them discover things. 


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