Grace Pingeon and Sarah Kottke rehearse their parts as sisters, Jamie and Jo last Thursday for the One-Act play.

It’s One-Act play time!

It’s One-Act Play time once again at Springfield Public School and rehearsals are underway for this year’s entry.

    “It’s another long night for Jamie, with an obnoxious sister and a trio of sardonic puppets to keep her awake.  Tinged with fun and sisterly nostalgia, the merriment comes inevitably to focus on the cause of Jamie’s self-destruction and the loss that has brought her to the edge.”

Jamie’s story is told in Springfield’s entry, “The Last Nickel” by Jane Shepard, in this year’s One Act Play Contest to be held on January 25 at Jackson.

Gabby Cohrs-Rohlik is directing the play this year.  The cast includes Grace Pingeon as Jamie, Sarah Kottke as Jo, Jace Rosenau as Tim the pig, Kieran Lafferty as Dave the bird, John Ombaye as Paul the bear, Alexis Clemon as Nurse 1 and Sydne Wahl as Nurse 2. 

Production crew include Isaac Rasset, KayLynn Sanderville and Kiera Lafferty. 

A preview performance of  “The Last Nickel” will be held Friday, January 24 at 7:00 p.m. in the Performing Arts Center at Springfield Public School.  Everyone is invited to the free performance. 

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