Bike Safety class taught by Chief John Nicholson

Keeping safe with Summer Rec

Throughout this month there are a variety of activities offered to children through the Summer Recreation program. 

Two of the activities offered this past Friday were a Bike Safety class sponsored by the Springfield Police Department.  This was a free class open to children through 6th grade. In the class they learned a variety of safety lessons including hand signals, storing the bicycle safely and safety equipment. The officers also taught the Home Alone Safety Workshop, also sponsored by Springfield Police Department.  The officers taught essential information for students if they were home alone this summer. The free workshop was for those currently in 4-6 grade. 

Chief John Nicholson taught the classes with assistance from Officer Amanda Isenberg and Officer Joseph Micka.

After the classroom part of the classes, the students gathered in the west parking lot with their bikes to complete a fun maze on their bikes. That was followed by an informative tour of the Springfield Ambulance led by Paula Thomas. The classes ended with an unique device that taught the students the importance of seat belts by recreating the force one would feel if they were in a car accident at 5MPH. The Seat Belt Convincer was brought out by Mark Griffith, Director of the South Central MN EMS System. In addition to letting some of the students try out the “convincer”, he also explained the importance of a properly fitted seatbelt. 

It was a fun morning of learning to keep safe.

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