Kiera Lafferty with her teachers, 
Troy and Darcy Hoyt.

Kiera Lafferty places in Creative Writing Contest

Kiera Lafferty, a sixth-grader at Springfield Public School, daughter of Erin and John Lafferty, won third place in the Creative Writing Contest sponsored by Southwest West Central Service Cooperative and Southwest Minnesota State University.

Kiera received her award during the 14th annual awards program at Southwest Minnesota State University in Marshall on April 22.  Keynote speaker was Geoff Herbach of Minneapolis, an award winning author of several young adult novels. 




Pumpkin Patch

We all grew up in the same patch.

But, we all have our differences.

We should embrace our beauty.

Instead, we put people down because of it.

We all have guilt and pain.

Yet, we have an option to be kind.

That’s why we get carved with a smile.

Then a candle gets lit inside us.

Everybody can see your beauty shining bright.

It should always be like this.

We should light people’s candles instead of blowing them out.

Life is too short to be sad and upset.

In a week or so we rot away.

We all go to heaven.

At least I know I died trying to make the world a better place.

I know I had a shining light for the whole world to see.





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