Top scorers at Springfield Public School competed in the local level of National Geography Bee competition Friday — front, from left: Kade Nachreiner, Kody Bast, Ellie Tonn, Gabby Anderson and Joseph Jensen. Back: Blaine Anderson, Nicholas Peterson, Josh Moldan, Champion Libby Tonn, and John Ombaye.

Libby Tonn is Geography Bee champion

Libby Tonn, daughter of Derek and Becky Tonn, is Geography Bee Champion at Springfield High School, where she is an eighth-grader.  She won the title for the second consecutive year.

Josh Moldan, son of Jay and Laura Moldan, a seventh-grader, was runner-up.

They were two of 10 contestants from grades 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 in local school level competition that is part of the 2017 National Geographic Bee.  The competition was held in the school auditorium Friday afternoon with an audience of students, parents, grandparents, and friends.   

Participants were fourth-graders Kody Bast and Kade Nachreiner; fifth-graders Ellie Tonn and Gabby Anderson; sixth-graders Blaine Anderson and Joseph Jensen; seventh-graders Josh Moldan and Nicholas Peterson; and eighth-graders Libby Tonn and John Ombaye.  They were the top two best scorers in a recent written test on geography. 

The students responded to the geography questions in several rounds —  some orally, some by writing their answers on a white board, and others having to name locations on a map.

The champion will have the opportunity to compete in the state contest in March; and the state winner will have the opportunity to enter the national contest.

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