Front Row L-Kaylynn Sanderville, Sydne Wahl, Sara Kottke and Kiera Lafferty.  Middle row: Director Gabby Cohrs-Rohlick, Alexis Clemon, Grace Pingeon and Isaac Rasset. Back Row: Jace Rosenau, and John Ombaye.

One-Act play takes second in sections

Springfield’s Public School took second place at sections this past weekend. They performed at United South Central High School on Saturday. 

With their win they’re now alternates at the state competition held on this Thursday, Feb. 6 and Friday, Feb 7. 

Springfield performed, “The Last Nickel” by Jane Shepard. 

“It’s another long night for Jamie, with an obnoxious sister and a trio of sardonic puppets to keep her awake.  Tinged with fun and sisterly nostalgia, the merriment comes inevitably to focus on the cause of Jamie’s self-destruction and the loss that has brought her to the edge.”

They did a phenomenal job,” said Director Gabrielle Cohrs-Rohlik. She couldn’t be more proud of her cast and crew. 

 “I think it was a year that we pushed our comfort zone and pushed our boundaries,” said Cohrs-Rohlik.  

Some of the young actors stepped into crew positions learning lights and sound. 

We have a  new lighting system at the school and it added a lot of depth in addition to the sound and music, said Cohrs-Rohlik.  

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