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A New School Year—A New Beginning


The beginning of a new school year creates many emotions for parents and kids.  This might include preschool, elementary or middle school, or college.  These experiences all blend together and are part of life.  Raising a child who is comfortable enough to separate, or leave you is an important part of child development and parenting.  

Kids are apt to live according to what you believe and expect.  Parents can be the greatest influence in a child’s educational experiences.  Consider the following thoughts for the new school year.  

Keep a daily routine as consistent as possible.  Provide responsibilities and consequences in an atmosphere of unconditional love.

Be mindful about the importance of homework.  Encourage interactive conversations and demonstrations of what kids are learning.

Emphasize the importance of attendance and being on time.  

Encourage friendships and peer socialization.  Many kids prioritize their friendships as important school memories.

Encourage kids to relax and be themselves.  Don’t try too hard to fit in, or be different.  Trying to be something you’re not is never easy and usually doesn’t work.

Most kids are anxious for a new school year.  Talk positively about their new adventures.  Education is the springboard that will help them soar.

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