St Raphael’s kindergarten class cheer after they completed their tower as part of the Guinness World Record sport stacking event held on Nov. 14.

St. Raphael stackers take aim at Guinness World Record in sport stacking.

“Most People Sport Stacking at Multiple Locations in One Day”

On Thursday, November 14, students at St Raphael Catholic School joined thousands of other participants to take part in Guinness World Records Day through sport stacking. Each year, the World Sport Stacking Association provides more than half a million participants around the world to break the Guinness World Records Title of “The Most People Sport Stacking at Multiple Locations in One Day” also known as the STACK UP! In 2018, 624,390 stackers participated to break the previous STACK UP! record of 622,809.  The unofficial results of the 2019 STACK UP! Challenge is 638,831 verified stackers.  St Raphael students were able to utilize the physical education classes to participate. 61 students took part on the challenge day.  Students completed various relays, exercises, and challenges while incorporating cup stacking. 

“The kids were super pumped to be a part of it,” said Shawna Jacobs, St Raphael Catholic School. 

She really enjoys the benefits of cup stacking explaining that it’s a sport that can be done in multiple places and by both the young and old. 

“It’s really good for brain development, builds hand-eye coordination, it allows them to build their brain build muscle memory and make them faster,” explained Jacobs. 

This year they had the most stackers ever register with over 710,000 expected to contribute their sport stacking skills from across the United States and around the world in countries such as Hungary, Germany, Israel, South Korea, New Zealand, Colombia, and Taiwan.  In addition, many schools are using this event to benefit local communities by stacking up for a good cause. 


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