Rylee Nelsen carefully places candies on her house.

Sweet Construction

Building Gingerbread Houses
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Biennial first- and second-grade

gingerbread houses always a holiday treat


While all elementary classes at Springfield Public Schools have activities that celebrate the Christmas season, few can compare with the excitement generated by the building of gingerbread houses. 

Indeed, the highlight for most first- and second-graders is the construction of gingerbread houses and there was plenty of focused work going on in the cafeteria at Springfield Public Schools Friday afternoon.

All children were provided with graham crackers, canned frosting, an assortment of candies, colored cereals and pretzels to make their houses, and waffle cones for trees  and accent pieces.  They were assisted by their parent(s), grandparent(s), and/or friends.   All had the opportunity to design their own clever creations.

Gingerbread house construction has been a holiday activity at Springfield Elementary School for more than 30 years.

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