They’re off!    Teachers Bob Fink, James Eckstein and Troy Hoyt  lead Tiger Trekers on their way.

Tiger Trek raises $19,035.88 to enhance education

Springfield Public Elementary students raised $19,035.88 in the annual Tiger Trek.   Students obtained pledges from family and friends to support their Tiger Trek project.

“That’s a generous amount of money the people of your community have poured into our school and we thank them,” said Elementary Principal Jeff Kuehn as he addressed the entire student body gathered in Brown’s Park Friday, Sept. 20.  The money will  be used to further improve the quality of education, programs and resources.

Principal Kuehn asked students to applaud their  teachers, teacher assistants, parents, grandparents and all district taxpayers for providing them with a good education.  He commended students for their academic achievements that have earned their school a good reputation, and he reminded them to be respectful and always do the right thing — even when no one is watching.

Bikes utilized part of Springfield’s trail system for the ride, and enjoyed music, games and a picnic lunch in the park, followed by  an awarding of prizes and praises in the auditorium.

Friday afternoon elementary students performed some chores to show their  appreciation and “give back” to community.