The 55th Annual Invitational/Father’s Day Classic Champion Clayton Kretsch receives congratulations from left to right: Ramsey Beyer, Golf Club Board; Jeff Kretsch, Course Superintendent; runner-up Curt Erickson and fourth place winner and 2014 Champion Wayne Warnert. Congratulations Clay!

Clayton Kretsch wins 55th golf invitational

Clayton Kretsch, Springfield, won his first Invitational/Father’s Day Classic at the Springfield Golf Club last weekend.  Sixty-three golfers were looking for the championship of the 55th annual event.  Kretsch worked hard to score 73-75 for a 148 total; he needed every shot to tie Curt Erickson at 148 since  Erickson’s scores for the two days were also 75-73.  Kretsch and Erickson shot par 5 on number 1.  Kretsch then shot a par on the second hole and Erickson missed a short putt so Kretsch was the champion of the tournament.

Other flight champions were:  President’s Flight—Rob Noren; Paffrath Flight—Mike Wallace; First Flight—Paul Arnoldi; Second Flight—Jesse Davis; Third Flight—Scott Honl; Fourth Flight—Gary Trowbridge; Fifth Flight—Duncan McCampbell.  Congratulations to all the 2015 flight winners.

Tournament chairman Paul Pieschel thanks the 63 golfers in attendance and invites the players to the 56th annual event in 2016!  Pieschel also thanks the many volunteers who helped on the course and in the clubhouse to make the 2015 tournament a great success.

Following are the complete results from this year’s tournament:























Tom Ryan 82-91—173

Dan Puls                87-88—175

Phil Runck 87-88—175

Josh Jensen 85-91—176

Greg Hillesheim 84-94—178

Buddy Kretsch 92-92—184

Lance Larson 91-100—191



Mike Wallace 75-80—155

R.J. Wallace 84-85—169

Jack Potter 80-92—172

Bryan Gatzlaff 89-87—176

Benjie Frantz 84-102—186

Jim Potter 85-103—188

Mark Scheidel 71-Did not finish

Joe Meyer 77-Did not finish



Paul Arnoldi 82-79—161

Paul Conors 77-87—164

Jake Miesen 83-83—166

Dean Penk 87-82—169

Jim Miesen 86-88—174

Matt Tews 90-88—178

Andy Salonek 93-88—181



Jesse Davis 79-90—169

Paul Pieschel 81-91—172

Andy Jacoby 86-88—174

Buzz Lang 86-92—178

Dave Penk 87-93—180

Jeff Kretsch 92-89—181

Mike Carlson 97-93—190

Darvin Voge 116-117—233



Scott Honl 87-95—182

Corey Brown 99-84—183

Greg Mattson 91-96—187

Tom Jensen 96-91—187

Derek Krebs 94-98—192

Bryant Krebs 94-106—200

Tal Davis 108-99—207

Jeremy Brown 88-Did not finish



Gary Trowbridge 85-91—176

Ramsey Beyer 101-92—193

Scott Buege 99-95—194

John Hines 96-103—199

Eric Gronholz 99-102—201

Ron Sturm 110-107—217

Tom Toth 111-106—217

Tom Honl Did not finish



Duncan McCampbell 95-96—191

Jordan Pidde 101-96—197

Mark Carlson 104-99—203

Dana Jacobs 116-100—216

Cean Shands 110-108—218

Matt Muske 110-118—228

Cory Gilmer 124-107—231

Pete Hacker 143-Did not finish