Violet Hovland and Layla Schwarzrock

S-CM Cross Country

Madelia Meet

 The Springfield-Cedar Mountain boys and girls cross country teams traveled to Madelia for a meet last Thursday, October 11.

     In varsity girls team action, Lilly McCone finished with a time of 21:15 followed by Ellie Tonn at 21:56.  Violet Hovland finished at 23:20 followed by Brooke Hoffbeck at 23:29.  Helen O’Callaghan finished at 23:42 followed by Layla Schwarzrock at 23:57.  Kendall Kelly finished at 24:14 followed by Emma Sullivan at 25:17.  McKenzie Thorston finished with a time of 28:03.

  In varsity boys team action, Mitchell Buerkle finished with a time of 17:05 followed by Elijah Kirschstein at 17:53.  Dakotah Lumbar finished at 17:53 followed by Noah Richert at 19:44.  Matthew Hillesheim finished at 19:56 followed by Carter Hillesheim at 20:57.  Noah Vogel finished at 21:19 followed by Ben Potter at 22:16.  James Coffland finished at 24:14 followed by Isaac Rasset at 27:49.

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